Retails Mystery - The Fitting Room...

The Fitting Room is a place where retailers win or lose.

Fitting rooms are fast becoming an experience driven area for retailers, and it is recognised that improved fitting room experience equals improved conversion rates.

How many times have you been into a store and tried on a size which doesn’t fit, or even changed your mind whilst inside the fitting room?

…and how convenient is it to then get changed, leave the fitting room, go back out onto the shop floor, find another style and size, and head back into the fitting room again? (Hint: not very).

Why not focus on delivering a unique experience from inside the fitting room?Transforming a non-interactive space, into one where customers can call for assistance and your staff deliver improved store performance.

Giving customers a call-to-action will give them the option to stay longer and try on more outfits, increasing the chance of a sale and giving customers the opportunity to engage with the store, staff and your brand.

With the added benefit of improved security for loss prevention, Intrepid provide solutions to ensure the fitting rooms are no longer an area of the unknown

Giving your customers the opportunity to call for assistance from inside the fitting rooms, means you are able to track the response times of staff, to help develop meaningful data-driven KPI’s for your business.

Previously anecdotal information becomes data supported facts. How long do your customers spend in the fitting room? Which day and hours are your fitting rooms busiest? What is the utilisation of the fitting rooms?

It’s time to get to know your store better!

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