Retails Lost Opportunity...

Great! You’ve had your busiest week of the year, customers have been flooding through the doors and the staff are rushed off their feet.

But hold on…

…the sales don’t seem to have increased?

As Mark Ryski puts it; “Conversion is the last great retail metric”**, but many retailers have limited data about their footfall, making it impossible to accurately measure their conversion rates.

There are many benefits to tracking your footfall.

Identify your trade pattern analysis, allowing you to staff the store more efficiently. So yes, you could have had hundreds of customers through your doors but were there enough staff to properly serve them?

Track how well advertising campaigns perform - do they drive customers into the store, and lead to an uplift in sales?

Develop meaningful KPI’s for staff and the business. Improve conversion rates and reap the rewards (£).

What is your lost opportunity? Tracking your footfall will tell you…

…and once you have the knowledge, you’ll have the power to make better informed decisions to improve retail performance.

Intrepid can help you start accurately tracking your footfall today! Click here to contact us about our overhead thermal people-counters.

**Mark Ryski - Conversion (2011).