Intrepid wins coveted award at this year's Fraud Awards!

Intrepid swept aside some stiff competition this year to win Most Innovative in Store Surveillance Solutions with partners Indyme at this year’s Retail Fraud awards.

With over 25 years in the retail LP industry and from small beginnings, Intrepid has consistently won blue chip clients against the odds, in a sector dominated by global giants. A willingness to be open and honest with clients, keeping open good communication channels at all times, and the ability to customise solutions without compromising the end result, has meant that Intrepid have been able to partner with some of the world’s leading LP solution innovators.

Smartdome TM, Active Deterrent from US innovator Indyme. Profitably deployed in over 30,000 retail locations worldwide, Intrepid has successfully trialled Smartdome TM in a number of well-known UK supermarket chains, as well as a nationwide chain of health and beauty stores, with spectacular results. Smartdome TM works by identifying suspicious behaviour and, positioned at vulnerable displays, unstaffed areas, or simply busy stops on the route to purchase, will alert staff to action through any media device. Notifying staff that there may be a problem, diverts the potential theft by alerting the thief that they are being monitored, thereby reducing losses and improving customer service. It’s a win win system all round. Intrepid CEO, Noel Verbruggen, who collected the award on behalf of Intrepid, Indyme and the retailer, was delighted to accept the award.

“Everyone has put a lot of effort in making sure that the Smartdome TM trials have given the maximum benefit to the client’s business, proving that the concept of Active Deterrent works. Intrepid has always been forward thinking, as far as LP solutions are concerned; what is the next problem to be solved and how we can overcome increasingly sophisticated methods used by shoplifters. Increasing global awareness of how manufacturing is damaging the environment, the use of plastic EAS tags, for example, is going to force retailers to look for other ways to protect their losses. We believe products like Indyme SmartdomeTM are the way forward and are pleased to be the exclusive UK partner for Indyme”.