Loss Prevention - Get Active With It!

Introducing The SmartDome.

Wireless, Simple and Effective…

Losses. Let’s face it - everybody is affected by them, but nobody wants to talk about it.

Over the past decade, loss-prevention hasn’t progressed as much as we’d wished. Go into any apparel retail stores and you will see EAS tagging systems, CCTV cameras and physical tags on merchandise. Loss-prevention has remained passive - unless of course you have a guard constantly monitoring your cameras (costly!).

So, what if there was a solution which triggered real-time staff response to events happening within a store?

Loss-prevention doesn’t have to be passive and Intrepid have the solutions to make it active. We call it Active Loss Prevention. Imaginative right?

Our range of active Loss Prevention solutions, pioneered by our US partners Indyme, are designed to trigger staff responses, in real-time, to events occurring within a store. Overhead Sensor Domes send discrete messages to staff radios/handsets/headsets or any other device used in store, to alert them when there is activity in an area of the store for a prolonged period.

Of course, this may not always be ‘suspicious’ activity. Staff respond to the messages by attending the alerted area. Now, this is where it gets interesting - Often, genuine customers are lingering because they need assistance. Attending to that customer, you are more likely to convert an enquiry into a sale. However, the sad reality is the minority will be thieves lurking in quiet spots, within the store, to bag items. For these people, the presence of staff will help deter that theft.

These solutions are new to the UK. Remember. Active. Loss. Prevention.

30,000 retail stores in the U.S have some form of Indyme installed. It works, and we will prove it.

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