Protect your stock to protect your profits

Retail is under siege from all sides. Economic, technology, changes in shopping habits and other global influences, but bricks and mortar stores are still the mainstay of our relationship with customers. People buy from people. Protect your stock with the most technologically reliable and innovative systems available with Intrepid.

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We guarantee all our installations for 12 months, with two years warranty on new electronics

EAS tagging for profit protection

Intrepid install, service and maintain all types and technologies of EAS tagging  systems including SENSORMATIC. Our 25 year partnership with Dialoc ID, Europes’ most innovative manufacturers of EAS tagging equipment, gives us access to all the latest research and development in new technologies. Product protection for shrinkage reduction. Profit Protection for your bottom line. We are also the sole UK distributor for Metalguard, detecting foil lined and ‘booster’ bags.


State of the art library solutions

EAS tagging for Education and Library

Intrepid install, service and maintain all technologies of EAS tagging  systems for libraries. Our 25 year partnership with Dialoc ID, Europes’ most innovative manufacturer of RFID tagging, Circulation and Self Issue equipment for libraries, installed worldwide, gives us access to all the latest research and development in new technologies.


Not all your merchandise can be protected with a standard tag or label

Specialist tags for difficult items and foil lined bag detection

Not all your merchandise can be protected with a standard tag or label. Sometimes the manufacturers packaging prevents protection with a standard tag or label or the fabric damaged by standard pins. There are many different options to protect ‘difficult’ items without compromising the security and your profit. Just a small selection of our alternative tags are shown here, so please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

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Technology to empower staff and customers

Results focused, actionable insights.

Indyme Smart Response

Improving customer engagement to create a better customer experience is proven to increase conversion rates and improve profits. Smart fitting room, Call Buttons and Sensor technology to empower staff and customers to ask for and receive help.


ROI in less than 8 months

IMCo Smart loss prevention solutions

Intrepid has an exclusive UK partnership with IMCo, a manufacturer of innovative intelligent retail shelf solutions that help to sell more and lose less. With thousands of installations worldwide at major retailers, IMCo is now global leader in smart shelf technology. IMCo Smart Shelf stops loss directly at the shelf. As a data source IMCo technology also provides efficient POS data analysis and detects out of stock. IMCo Hook provides an innovative loss prevention solution and out of stock counter in one smart display hook system. Global leader IMCo offers retailers flexible entry-level options and upgrades for digitalisation at the POS and for Retail 4.0. The company was founded 2000 in Germany and distributes its solutions globally via its worldwide partner network.


Make keys a thing of the past with the BlueTooth app

PS Locks UK

Simple and secure, smart RFID locks to lock doors, drawers, cabinets. No wires or PC needed to program. No keys, just a fob, card, wristband or Mifare. Make keys a thing of the past with the BlueTooth app. Invisible on solid surfaces, unobtrusive on glass. PS Locks. Proudly made in Europe to the highest specifications.

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700 weapons seized in schools in 2016-17 alone

Screening and searching of pupils for weapons

Schools are being urged to install metal detectors to help stop knife crime and UK police forces now encouraging schools to invest in metal detectors to improve staff and pupil security. Detailed figures available from 24 police forces across England and Wales found that 500 knives were among 700 weapons seized in schools in 2016-17 alone. Used in conjunction with a random selector, pupils can be selected at random for screening, thereby avoiding any claims of discrimination. Random Selector and Hand Held Metal Detector (comply with DfES guidelines).


Networked, stand alone for multiple or single users

Access control

Networked, stand alone for multiple or single users, Intrepid supplies and installs all types of Access Control systems. Our access control systems can be networked within a building with access for 2 or 2000 people or simple stand alone controls for specific areas and reasons. Systems which can be programmed to enable access at specific times, to specific areas or even lock down in an emergency, to protect staff and customers, or just simply restrict access to comply with health and safety regulations. Intrepid can add to an existing installation, install a new system to integrate with a network or retrofit updated equipment. We are also supply cards, fobs and other contactless openers.


Future proof your CCTV

Overt and covert CCTV

CCTV systems to view your business 24/7 by integrating CCTV as part of a total security solution. The latest technology allows you to view in store on a traditional monitor or remotely from anywhere in the world from a PC, tablet or smartphone, so that you can stay in touch with your business from wherever you are. We work closely with several specialist and innovative CCTV manufacturers to source and implement the most cost effective and exact solutions for each individual situation because we know that no two CCTV systems are ever the same. We are constantly updating our knowledge of equipment through close liaisons and specialist training to ensure that we can offer your business the best CCTV system for now and into the future.


Sentry can negotiate and manouver into every corner


SentryWay is the the worlds’ only Automated Twin Camera carriage track CCTV system. Ingeniously concealed, SmartTracks’ motorised system utilizes pan, tilt and zoom track cameras, that glide undetected along a track. Silent, swift and precise, the twin tube cameras travelling at variable speeds constantly watch the bigger picture from every angle. The perfect CCTV solution for monitoring large retail and industrial spaces, distribution centres, public transportation terminals, car parking facilities and secure institutions, travelling up to 4 metres per second and covering distances in excess of 160 metres, with IP addressable remote live viewing.

With a unique curved track, Sentry can negotiate and manouver almost anywhere.