Make every customer count  

Integrating real time data, at various points in the path to purchase, provides accurate and actionable information for retail and provides an accurate way to manage the correct levels of staffing, stock and much more. Retailers adopting a data driven approach benefit from greater flexibility, improved accuracy, faster POS times, improved customer service and are more likely to meet their customers omnichannel expectations

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Technology to empower staff and customers

Indyme Smart Response

Improving customer engagement to create a better customer experience is proven to increase conversion rates and improve profits. Smart fitting rooms, Call Buttons, Sensor technology, as well as streamlined lined Click and Collect, empower staff and customers to ask for and receive help.

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You can’t measure what you don’t count

Footfall Counting

You can’t measure what you don’t count. Invaluable real time, accurate data. Track and analyze your customer behaviour, to improve staffing levels, merchandising, optimize opening hours and increase sales.


Track, trace and re-stock to have merchandise in the right place at the right time


Information is a powerful sales tool. Interactive customer engagement on the shop floor to set your stores apart from the crowd. Smart RFID will improve stock accuracy and availability, improve sales and customer service.


Targeted marketing through facial analysis


If you know your customer, you can sell to them. Targeted marketing through facial analysis. Receive demographic data, gender and age of your viewers to engage your customers with effective marketing campaigns that sell.

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Shop floor to stock room communication

Quail Digital Team Communication

Shop floor to stock room communication. Get your sales team where they are needed. Clear Wireless digital team communication for up to 30 users, over up to 10,000 sq ft. No battery packs, cables or bulky handsets.


Have eyes everywhere with travelling track CCTV

SentryWay CurveTrack

Silent running to view 100% of your store with a unique traveling twin camera.  360o operational vision along custom curved rails, from the most innovative track camera manufacturer in the world. Remote access from any device, from anywhere in the world.