Not all your merchandise can be protected with a tag or label.

Hard tags and labels will protect the majority of goods on the shop floor, but not all. Perhaps your merchandising showcases certain items, which need extra protection or perhaps the fabric of a garment is too delicate to bear a tag or the garment too expensive to risk inserting a pin.
Sometimes the manufacturers packaging prevents protection with a standard tag or label.

There are many different options to protect ‘difficult’ items without compromising the security and your profit. Intrepid is constantly resourcing from around the world and working with manufacturers to design and produce specialist tags to ensure that all your stock is protected without intimidating the customer and losing the sale.

Just a small selection of our alternative tags are shown here, so please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

Having worked with Paul from Intrepid for a few months he introduced us to some new style tagging options to our stores and they made an IMMEDIATE difference to our losses, significantly reducing theft.

David Hartley

Asset Protection Manager, Luxottica Retail

Talk to us and see what Intrepid can do for your business.


1New Eyewear Tag pdf

Protect all types and styles of sunglasses and prescription eyewear with the Eyewear Tag. The Eyewear Tag provides security for live stock, while allowing the customer to try on for style, size and comfort.
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2New Mini Cablelock pdf

The 2 and 3 mini CableLoks make open merchandising of high value items simple and secure.
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3New All Types of Tags Supplied.pdf

As well as installing and maintaining tagging systems, we supply a wide range of hard tags and soft tags to protect your goods, whether its clothing, accessories, sports equipment, food items or books, we have the ideal tag to suit you and they are available at competitive prices.
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4New Interchangable Beetle.pdf

More and more merchandise is on open display to allow the customer to handle and interact with merchandise before purchase. The Interchangeable Beetle is a tough but flexible solution to allow the secure display of merchandise.
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5New Loop Rat.pdf

The Loop Rat is a stand alone alarm system used to secure high value merchandise in retail environments. The Rat can be used to protect items where it is not viable to install an EAS system. Use for items which have an irregular surface area, such as handbags and accessories, where it is possible to ‘lasso’ the loop onto the merchandise.
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6New POS Alarming Tag.pdf

Multi Alarm POS Tag utilizes advanced multi alarm technology with a simple design, providing the most efficient and maximum security for display merchandising. The POS tag alarms loudly when tampered with, to draw the attention of store staff to reduce shoplifting in real time.
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7New Seal Tag.pdf

The fraudulent return of clothing that has been worn once, ‘wardrobing’ has become common practice, costing the retail and specifically on-line trading industry, millions of £’s every year.
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8Soft Pouch Tag.PDF

Lightweight and versatile, the Soft Pouch Tag provides premium detection for items which would be impossible to tag with a conventional hard tag.
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9New Bug Tag.PDF

The versatile Bug Tag 2 offers a wide range of product protection applications as well as asset protection.
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10Lockable Detacher.PDF

The Lockable Super Detacher combines the mobility of a hand held detacher with the option of a desk mounted detacher,
to give you the freedom to move it around within the store, as needed, with the added security of the lock to ensure that it
can only be accessed by legitimate staff.
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11Super Pencil tag

Super Pencil tag – Acoustomagnetic (AM) hardtag for widest door widths, with a magnetic super-Lock ™ locking mechanism for improved security.

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12Label Lock

The No Residue Label Lock™ labels and tapes secures boxed and sealed items.

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Do these tags put off customers?


Surely these special tags damage the item if someone tries to remove it?

Many specialist tags are known as ‘benefit denial’ tags. That means that if an item is taken and unauthorised removal of the tag is attempted, the goods will ‘spoil’ therefore removing the benefit of the item taken.

Staff always seem to have problems with these type of tags at the checkout?

Intrepid will help you to train your staff to apply and remove any type of tag.

I don’t like what’s available for bottles that I’ve seen, is there anything else?

We will always source something that works for you.

Can Intrepid recommend tags for specific merchandise? : I want to display live merchandise, not empty boxes.

Yes, and we can even develop and manufacture tags for an item that is impossible to tag with a commercially available solution.