Screening and searching of pupils for weapons

Growth of knife crime in schools

Growth of knife crime in schools

Schools are being urged to install metal detectors to help stop knife crime.
Mayor Sadiq Khan is to offer all London schools knife detectors as part of a major crackdown on knife related crime. Already being used by over a dozen schools in the capital, all secondary schools across the city have been invited to apply. Local police forces up and own the UK, are now encouraging schools to invest in metal detectors to improve staff and pupil security.
Detailed figures available from 24 police forces across England and Wales found that 500 knives were among 700 weapons seized in schools in 2016-17 alone.
Intrepid was the first security company to offer hand held metal detectors to schools, back in 2007, when the DfES issued new guidance on the screening and searching of puils for weapons.
Used in conjunction with a random selector, pupils can be selected at random for screening, thereby avoiding any claims of discrimination.

Random Selector and Hand Held Metal Detector (comply with DfES guidelines)

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Summary of DfES Guidance for School Staff 2007

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Static antenna metal detection  (comply with DfES guidelines)

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