Track, trace and re-stock to have merchandise in the right place at the right time.

Intrepid has exclusive UK partnerships with the most innovative manufacturers of RFID products. RFID has broad applications in retail environments. It can be used for tracking items from source to sale, to track and trace within a building, inventory and merchandising.
Intrepid supply and install several different RFID systems. A unique ‘plug and play’ system, that can be implemented within hours, is our entry level system, but no less sophisticated then systems which can be integrated with an existing EAS system.
RFID product has a proven track record of improving sales through faster stock replenishment, rapid checkout, loss reduction and tighter stock control. A track and trace system allowing you to follow a high value item from delivery to sale. We can bespoke RFID solutions for your particular business, from production right through the supply chain to the shop floor and the customer.

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RFID just got smarter with new systems making it easy to ‘plug and play’. With exclusive UK partnerships with the world’s most innovative manufacturers of RFID, Intrepid Retail has a system to suit your merchandise and budget.
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What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

What is the technology and how does it work?


Can it improve my sales and profitability?

Yes! Knowing exactly what you have for sale, and where it is, means you can place it where you can sell it.

Can I start small and is it scalable?

Yes it is possible to implement a smaller ‘plug and play’ system within a few hours and scale up at a later date.

Isn’t RFID just about counting things?

No! RFID is all about stock visibility.

How much information can the tag store?

The tag can store as much information as you need: size, colour, how many, location, manufacture and so on.

Should I use RFID for security instead of EAS?

RFID was not designed to be used as a security application and thus is not its primary use. EAS was designed specifically for security and thus is the preferred solution for most retailers, it is also a more cost effective solution.  While RFID CAN be used for security our professional advice would be to use EAS for security and RFID for all the other great benefits it can bring a Retailer.  That’s not to say RFID CAN’T be used – it can but there are restrictions which we would be happy to discuss in more detail with you.  Please get in touch.