Reliable, digital team communication for staff support and improved visitor service

Put your staff where they are needed in your library to provide the best possible service to your visitors whilst making the most efficient use of your staff and information services.
Good communication is the key to any successful library service and easy access to information will ensure that your users keep coming back to make full use of your facility, whilst keeping staff costs down.
The Quail Digital Team Communication system allows team communication for up to 30 users over up to 200,000 sq feet, including several floors if needed, by using multiple base stations and operates over a high quality radio frequency.
The system is simple to operate and uses lightweight wireless headsets, with no cumbersome battery packs or wires, to let your staff work easily whilst about their duties.

  • croydon11Quail Digital has enabled us hand over queries between floors so if a student needs to be redirected by the time they get to the correct floor a member of staff is there to help them creating a significantly enhanced customer experience. It also means we can quickly deploy staff to the busiest areas, and make better use of staff at quiet times by allowing them to be in contact, but not necessarily on the floor.
    Tom Butler
    Director of Library Services, Croydon College.

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Communication is the key to maintaining an efficient library service. Give your staff the ability to access information and other staff members to run a service that your users will enjoy using and coming back to. The Quail Digital Team Communication system provides up to 30 users the ability to communicate, with the ability to customise integral digital messaging from wireless keypads and information points to provide information as to where library staff is needed and in what capacity.
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Why would I use Quail Digital when radios are cheaper?

A Quail Digital communication system not only allows communication between users but, unlike conventional radios, can also be programmed to trigger responses from sensors and activate pre-recorded messages.

What type of messages can I program?

Anything you need. Person waiting/ Assistance needed/ backroom title requests or even staff needed in a certain area.

Are there any alternative headsets?

Quail Digital headsets are the results of years of R & D. Manufactured to the highest standard and ergonomically designed to afford the wearer the most comfortable fit.

I don’t need to speak, but can I listen to other users.

Yes it is possible to monitor the communication between all users without taking part in the conversation.

How many headsets can I have on the system?

Up to 30 users are possible on one system.

What is the range?

The headsets can cover a range of over 100,000 sq. ft. with repeater stations.

Will it work across multi- floors?

Yes, the system will work across several floors with repeater stations.

Do I need a license?

No license is needed.