Booking in and out library media with or without staff

Intrepid offer several options for library circulation, working in tandem with EM library security systems on an RFID platform. The RFID circulation system identifies both the item being borrowed and the person who has booked the item out, time, place date etc.

We offer a choice of activators and reactivators, both hand held and desk fitted to suit your specific needs. Intrepid can also supply self issue systems for situations where fewer staff are needed or where staff cover a more information based role, leaving the lender to securely check in and out items themselves quickly and simply.

  • King's CollegeWe looked very carefully at all the options available to protect the exhibits but after talking to Intrepid Security, we realized that the unobtrusive security labels, encased with the individual specimens, would offer us the highest level of protection. We are very pleased with this solution as it does not affect the day-to-day running of the museum.

    William Edwards
    Gordon Museum Curator

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Does a Circulation system also provide security for books?

Yes, as part of your LMS (Library Management System)

What is the difference between Full Circulation and self issue?

There is no difference.

Can I renew books and issue fines from the machine?

Yes, this can be integrated with your Library LMS. (Library management System)

How do I transfer barcodes to an RFID label and what equipment do I need to do this?

Our LCS PRO conversion unit has software and scanner options to interface with

Library circulation software.

Can self issue machines issue and return both EM and RFID labels?

Yes, by installing a Hybrid unit.

What is a Hybrid system?

Hybrid systems are two technologies integrated in one system. This allows libraries to upgrade to RFID Technology without replacing EM strips already labelled in the library’s collection.


1New Library LCS PRO.pdf

The LCS Pro Standard is designed for reactivating and deactivating the most commonly used EM strips used to protect library media.
New Library LCS PRO

2New Sapphire staff station

Low profile and manufactured from sustainable hard wearing materials, the Sapphire
Staff Station unit has been designed for fast simple user operation,

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3Sapphire Self Service

Self issue is now commonplace in all modern libraries. The ability
to allow patrons to check books in and out without the aid of staff,
leaves librarians to attend to other library tasks requiring a human

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