Booths Quail Digital Rollout

IMG_1959Booths are retailers of first class groceries with 31 stores located throughout the North of England. At between 18,000 and 25,000 square feet, they’re considered medium-sized supermarkets, but have always aimed to be a cut above, stocking the best local foods and ingredients with a policy of actively encouraging and searching out new suppliers.

Their philosophy, from the very first store Edwin Henry Booth opened in 1847 was and still is, “Sell the best goods available, in attractive stores, staffed with first class assistants.” Each store, in the varied locations, has its own unique identity, but what remains unchanged is the

Each store, in the varied locations, has its own unique identity, but what remains unchanged is the staff commitment to offering customers a first class shopping experience, where good staff are an asset and know their product enabling them to help deliver a friendly and informed shopping experience.
Intrepid have rolled out Quail digital to 25 Booths stores since 2013. Reliable digital communication between staff, made possible by using Quail digital throughout the store, has had massive benefits for the store group including enabling staff to solve problems faster, check stock and assist customers quickly, allocate staff where they are needed and reduce stock loss, all adding to a positive customer experience.
Team communication with Quail Digital couldn’t be simpler. 30 users can communicate over an area of up to 100,000 square metres, with no belt pack, cables or wires. Integral digital messaging can set up from wireless keypads, checkouts and remote order points, putting your staff where you need them. Improving team communication has proven massive benefits for your businesses.

The system is ideal for any retail, restaurant, and business environments giving whole premises communication between staff, workstations, and help points. Wireless headsets are simple and professional, providing effective means for staff to be more productive and improve security in the workplace.
Booths are continuing the roll out of Quail Digital in their new stores: this year both Heyhouse Lane , where Booths have a store in the prestigious development of 162 quality new homes, and Burscough where Booths are offering a complete shopping experience, including fresh produce counters and beers, wines and spirits, have Quail digital in use.

BoothsThe new store at Poulton, opening in November, will also have Quail Digital Team Communication as part of the staff support systems. Paul Newbury who has overseen the implementation of Quail Digital into Booths for Intrepid is pleased with the way the staff have really worked with the system. “We worked for a while with Booths piloting Quail Digital in a few of their stores to make sure the system worked for them, the stores and the customers. The results were very obvious right from the start. The increased customer service and reduced waiting times, especially at checkouts, were evident and resulted in the full rollout throughout the group’.

Colin Porter, Customer Service Manager for Booth’s adds,

“The system has been a great asset in our drive to provide a better and faster service for our customers. The other main benefit that has been gained is the increase in our in-store efficiencies and practices, no longer do we have colleagues running around the sales floor looking for each= other, they are able to communicate as a team instantly”