People/footfall counting to plan staffing levels, opening times and budgets

People or Footfall Counting has become mandatory for many libraries in the public sector because of tighter budget constraints put on them by local councils trying to find ways of cutting spending. Museums and galleries are also under similar pressures to cut costs. By using a very simple battery counter, you will know how many visitors you have and when they visit, giving an accurate barometer of overall numbers for budget planning, staffing levels and opening times.
Educational buildings use People Counting in a similar way: enabling administrators to plan opening times to students, rota staff correctly and maximise work and study areas.
Intrepid can advise on the best type of counter for your premises from simple to install and operate Battery Counters, to sophisticated IT integrated modules that can trace traffic within the specified space, allowing you to collect real time data to analyse in detail the use of your facility.

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1New battery People counters options.pdf

This wireless people counter set works by detecting an interruption in the infrared beam being transmitted across from the transmitter to the receiver.
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2New battery People counter with USB. pdf

Download data onto a USB stick or via a standard USB cable.
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3New IP enabled thermal PC.pdf

Thermal detection people counting with optics, sensor, signal processing and interfacing all contained in a single unit. The counter is ceiling mounted and functions by detecting the heat emitted by people passing underneath, using this information to count and track people.
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